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Life Insurance: Protecting and Providing for Your Family


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Your DSI Agent is your insurance advisor. It’s our job to help you protect all of your most important assets including you and your family. Life insurance is a good investment, and it provides a monetary source in times of need. Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable this coverage can be and how easy it is to purchase.

There is no pressure to buy. We’ll go through the options with you to identify the coverage that fits you and your lifestyle.

Give the gift that will protect your loved ones.

The cost of life insurance vs. subscription services.


Guaranteed Income Retirement Annuity


At Darr Schackow we understand that many clients are worried about the possibility of running out of money during retirement. Guaranteed Income Annuities protect your future by offering tax-deferred savings, low interest rates, and a guaranteed stream of income that you won’t outlive.

Our Guaranteed Income Retirement Annuities allow you to convert a one-time sum into a set income stream for the rest of your or your spouse’s life, or to invest over time and convert later into guaranteed income payments. Growth in your annuity value is not typically taxed until you begin accessing the assets. This long-term guaranteed income plan combined with the tax deferral make the Retirement Annuity option a perfect tool for retirement planning.

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